Tellybean Camera – Turn your phone or tablet into a webcam for video calling on the TV

Tellybean Camera

Turn your phone or tablet into a webcam for video calling on the TV

Tellybean Camera screenshot 0Tellybean Camera screenshot 1Tellybean Camera screenshot 2Tellybean Camera screenshot 3Tellybean Camera screenshot 4

The Tellybean Camera app works with Tellybean’s Video Calling app for Android TV – the app turns your Android phone/tablet into a “wireless webcam” to make video calls on your TV. Download it now to get started!

Features and limitations:
• Works with the Tellybean TV video calling app
• Turns your Android mobile or tablet into a “wireless webcam”
• Video calls between Android TVs or an Android TV and a computer. To make calls from a computer, go to using either Chrome or Firefox
• Captures and sends video and audio to the person you are calling
• Caller preview screen shown on the mobile/tablet

• The Tellybean Video Calling app installed on an Android TV device i.e. TV or set-top box
• A mid to high spec Android mobile/tablet with a front-facing camera
• Sufficient bandwidth for optimal call quality

Possible upcoming features:
• Select front- or back-facing camera for best video quality
• Preview displayed on the TV instead of mobile

The Beta version of the Tellybean Camera Beta app is under active development. Please contact us with comments and suggestions by sending an email to

Tellybean may send email surveys or contact users directly for the purpose of improving the service. Also note that occasional App update notifications will be sent as we continue to improve the service.

Being face to face on the Telly is the next best thing to being there, hang out and feel the vibe together.

Android TV is available on Sony Bravia, Philips and Sharp TVs as well as selected Android TV set-top boxes, with more devices coming, go to for the latest information.

See more information and download apk file for android:


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