Responder (auto reply) – An app that auto reply to your friend's calls, messages and even WhatsApp

Responder (auto reply)

An app that auto reply to your friend’s calls, messages and even WhatsApp

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Responder is the best top rated message reply app ever made for Android. It sends auto-reply to messages ,calls and WhatsApp also.

#1 Pakistani media Techjuice has written an article about Responder

Free Premium features will be awarded for first 24 h

– Set Start and End Time for each cards.
– Multiple cards.
– Edit your cards.
– Auto reply to your calls.
– Auto reply to your messages.
– Auto reply to your WhatsApp.
– Filter is available only for WhatsApp auto reply. Add Groups and Names to block auto reply.
– Block reply to unknown numbers.
– Smart Duplicate The best feature ever introduce in any app. By turning it the app will detect the duplicate number and will not reply the same number twice.
– Material design theme.
– Different beautiful icons are made for different routines (Suggest some more routines icons)
– Huge collection of colors available with the combination of different routine cards.
– Write your own custom message.
– CardView layout which helps you to manage different routine cards
– You can turn on and off which card you want.
– Notification on message successfully sent.
– History panel which displays the details of the last message being sent
– Message counter will display how many messages have been sent.

Premium Features:
–Smart Silent The app will automatically mute your device and after routine time it will set back to default ringer mode.
– WhatsApp auto reply.
– Calls feature unlocked
– Set Start and End Time for each cards.
– Multiple cards.
– No signature will be added in message
– Some upcoming features suggested by you guys.


Please test the WhatsApp auto reply in first 24h. Currently its supports only new updated devices
– Fill all the fields with required information e.g timings etc
– On the home screen don’t forget the switch on all the cards.
– On the start time the card will automatically enable
– Switch on to enable auto reply.(Important)
– Switch off the card anytime to disable it.

Responder takes some permission to work efficiently feel free to grant them

Contact Permission is needed to prevent reply to unknown numbers
Message Permission is needed to responds messages
Contact Permission is needed to responds calls

Responder doesn’t store any incoming message on your device. Responder doesn’t retrieve your messages from your phone\’s storage. We only use notifications to read your sender’s name and do reply. Responder doesn’t reply without your permission until you yourself turn on any routine card. Responder is just an auto reply tool to help you in replying your WhatsApp friends.

Privacy Policies
read more :

Our Facebook:

if you find something confuse about Responder then feel free to contact us. The contact us option is available within the app.

If you find this app awesome then you can rate us 🙂
You are most welcome for any kind of feedback.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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