Hello Chat – Lightweight instant chat app with message recall functionality.

Hello Chat

Lightweight instant chat app with message recall functionality.

Hello Chat screenshot 0Hello Chat screenshot 1Hello Chat screenshot 2Hello Chat screenshot 3Hello Chat screenshot 4Hello Chat screenshot 5Hello Chat screenshot 6Hello Chat screenshot 7Hello Chat screenshot 8Hello Chat screenshot 9Hello Chat screenshot 10

This application allows you to chat instantly with your friends from anywhere all the world and is simple to use. All you have to do it add your friend by email address they use on their Android device and as long as they also have the application on their devices then you ready to start chatting.

– Instant error message if your buddy is not registered
– Shows status of your buddies when online.
– Auto backup your buddies and sync on new installations
– Group chat
– Topics
– Encrypted messages
– Group chats
– Share images, videos, audios
– Share contacts
– Share location
– recall functionality
– message delivery status
– message tagging, let taggeg message to your buddy auto delete itself after is read or 5 minutes after is received.

Get going in less than a minute with few simple steps:
1. Install the app and within a minute it will show as online
2. Go under settings put in your cellphone number your buddies can find by.
3. Invite your buddies to install the app.
4. Use buddies search functionality from menu to find buddies using phone book contacts.
5. Add buddies manually by their gmail email address.
6. And start saying Hello

If you have any suggestions you are welcome to drop me an email and I promise to get back to you within 24 hours.

NB: This application works on google services and if disabled this application will stop working properly.

Detail information: https://goo.gl/IJ7Y8k


Shadow Chat – Anonymous chat

Shadow Chat

Anonymous chat

Shadow Chat screenshot 0Shadow Chat screenshot 1Shadow Chat screenshot 2Shadow Chat screenshot 3Shadow Chat screenshot 4

if you are looking for an easy and at the same time a confidential communication, then this application will be just what you need.
“Shadow chat” – is extremely simple and user-friendly application for quickly and comfortable communication. It loads quickly and does not require large amounts of traffic, and most importantly: the rules of interaction in the “shadow chat” You are specifying.
It does not require you to use e-mail or phone, you will not have to pass on the link to confirm your identity – you just go into the application and start a dialogue.
To make your communication was not hopelessly spoiled, there avtomoderator, allowing to vote for locking a particular visitor.

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/IeYxcu

Notification Forwarder Pro – Read Notifications in your Bluetooth-supported Navigationsystem

Notification Forwarder Pro

Read Notifications in your Bluetooth-supported Navigationsystem

Notification Forwarder Pro screenshot 0Notification Forwarder Pro screenshot 1Notification Forwarder Pro screenshot 2Notification Forwarder Pro screenshot 3Notification Forwarder Pro screenshot 4Notification Forwarder Pro screenshot 5

This Application forwards Notifications from any App directly to your Car-Navigationsystem/-Radio, to read it there.
WhatsApp Messages can be directly associated with the contact, so you can directly call the person or send a Message back (depends on the car).

– Android 4.4 or higher
– Car-Navigationsystem/Car-Radio which can be Bluetooth-Connected to your Mobilephone and can display Messages (Bluetooth-MAP Profile)

H O W T O . . .
To get it all work, ensure the following options have been set:
– The App must be the Default-SMS-App
– The Access to Notification must be granted
– The Notifications from the Apps you like forwarded must be selected under “Allowed Apps”

Additional Informations:
– If you don’t get any Notifications in the app, disable the option “Mark as Read” or additional enable the option “Delayed Mark-as-Read” (esp. for Samsung Devices)
– Most of the phones/navavigationsystems don’t support the “Show Name instead of Number”. If you get ‘(Unknown Contact)’ or sth. in your Car, disable this option. Additional to this you can create a Dummy-User in your Contacts with a name like “Notification” and the number 0049 987 654 321

The Application is based on the great QKSMS.
For feedback or improvments just drop me a message.
License: GPLv3

See detail information: https://goo.gl/GTYSSm

MQTT Dash (IoT, Smart Home) – Control and display data from MQTT enabled devices and apps (IoT, Smart Home)

MQTT Dash (IoT, Smart Home)

Control and display data from MQTT enabled devices and apps (IoT, Smart Home)

MQTT Dash (IoT, Smart Home) screenshot 0MQTT Dash (IoT, Smart Home) screenshot 1MQTT Dash (IoT, Smart Home) screenshot 2MQTT Dash (IoT, Smart Home) screenshot 3MQTT Dash (IoT, Smart Home) screenshot 4MQTT Dash (IoT, Smart Home) screenshot 5MQTT Dash (IoT, Smart Home) screenshot 6MQTT Dash (IoT, Smart Home) screenshot 7

Warning: This app is for nerds only 🙂 If you don’t know what MQTT is, this app is likely not for you.

– With the app you can create dashboards for your MQTT enabled IoT Smart Home devices and applications.
– Phones and tablets are supported in both orientations
– Share metrics among devices via shared topic
– Simple and easy to use dashboard-like UI
– Designed to run 24/7 (memory efficient, reconnects automatically)

Support for M2M, Sonoff, Electrodragon, esp8266, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Microcontrollers (MCU), sensors, computers, pumps, thermostats, remote control and other things

Friends! This app was created for my own needs in my free from work time. I’m not making money from it. It doesn’t contain advertisements, in-app purchases or any hidden cost, so please be considerate when rate the app.
Positive ratings are appreciated! The app will evolve depending on your ratings, because I’m investing my free time in the app.

If you are native English speaker, please help me to improve English translation of the app. So, if you are feeling, that something must be re-phrased or changed in the translation, send your corrections to me please!

Thank you!

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/JiOFBG

Piggy browser – It works 150% to 300% faster than a standard browser.

Piggy browser

It works 150% to 300% faster than a standard browser.

Piggy browser screenshot 0Piggy browser screenshot 1Piggy browser screenshot 2Piggy browser screenshot 3

Everyone looking for a high-speed browser with lightweight,
Everyone was saving the packet fee, by all means, ” piggy browser ” and the trial ☆

☆ ad block featured

Not only the display, also received in that block
Time to receive the publicity you can also save even packet fee.
Saving mobile power and the battery that has been used in advertising ☆

☆ image compression featured

By receiving image occupying a lot of traffic after compression
It saves the packet generation and communication time. The upper limit of the amount of communication
It can be delayed from reaching.
(It can be about half the capacity of the image.)

☆ fast browsing

Not that I thought Naa slow browser?
By a variety of high-speed, it promises a fast operation.
Operation lightly, the fact that the fast is just exhilarating it.

☆ full screen mode equipped (also equipped with normal mode)

Full-screen mode and ad block
By a combination, it can be devoted to the original content.
Would you like to save time for examine.

Changes in ☆ version 1.33

The most was the conventional paid user like limited
Changed as available to free users like

☆ 2016/2/6

I reset the trial history of the paid function.
Please also try again by all means you who previously to try.

☆ 2016/3/20

Change the setting of the image compression server,
Improvement in response, optimization of image quality implementation.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/f3OAob

Trim Browser – Fast & Secure – Trim Browser is a fast web browser that focuses on design and Fast & Secure

Trim Browser - Fast & Secure

Trim Browser is a fast web browser that focuses on design and Fast & Secure

Trim Browser - Fast & Secure screenshot 0Trim Browser - Fast & Secure screenshot 1Trim Browser - Fast & Secure screenshot 2Trim Browser - Fast & Secure screenshot 3Trim Browser - Fast & Secure screenshot 4Trim Browser - Fast & Secure screenshot 5Trim Browser - Fast & Secure screenshot 6Trim Browser - Fast & Secure screenshot 7

♀ Trim Features ♀

♂ Data Sever – reduce mobile data usage by up to 60% while browsing

♂ Faster Browsing – choose from search results that instantly appear as you type and quickly access previously visited pages

♂ Flexible Menus – Amazing swipe and slide menus for best browsing interface

♂ Privacy Browser – use Private Trim mode to browse without saving your history

♂ Tabbed Internet Browsing

♂ Adblock Plus block Ads for fast browsing and safety

♂ Optimized for Phones/Tablets

♂ Uses the Native JavaScript and WebKit Engine so file size is smaller

♂ Bookmarks import support folder and another Browser

♂ Small Footprint

♂ Full-screen mode

♂ Google, DuckDuckGo, StartPage, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines

♂ Share Location Automatic or Manually

♂ Import Bookmarks from other browsers

♂ Low Battery Usage

♂ Multiply tabs – you can open unlimited tabs at the same time and navigate

♂ Economize – no image mode monthly savings of about 60% traffic

♂ Fun- stunning H5 games without downloading, point-and-play.

♂ Smart – website recommendation and browsing history recording

♂ Sharing – share with your friends something interesting in various ways

♂ Night mode – try this feature when reading novel for a long time .

♂ Font adjustment – free to choose the text size

♂ Customize: You can add any of your favorite sites to the home page

♂ Tiny Size – Despite its small package, get a great browsing experience!

♂ Navigation Cards – Get local content services (such as videos, cricket, etc) on your navigation.

♂ Smart Downloading – Supports multiple, background, and cloud downloading with auto reconnection.

♂ Fast & Small – 5 M, Fast Start Times 0.10 second to

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/4ueEBN

tongtong – Security Messenger – tongtong – Посланник с совершенной безопасности

tongtong - Security Messenger

tongtong – Посланник с совершенной безопасности

tongtong - Security Messenger screenshot 0tongtong - Security Messenger screenshot 1tongtong - Security Messenger screenshot 2tongtong - Security Messenger screenshot 3

Reasons for using tongtong

■ Messenger service that not save message on server
■ 1:1 chat & group chat, auto-delete message, image delivery, location sharing, Transfer
■ tongtong is a telegram method between device and device, server roles only as mediating.
■ Make chat true with security by method of encription.(It’s impossible to decode as Unlawful Surveillance)

Reasons for using Transfer

■ You can transfer with TOMATO anywhere over the world
■ You can send TOMATO to Korea, America, China, Russia, Vietnam and etc.
■ You can purchase, send and withdraw TOMATO by real-time
■ No Bank account to set? You can apply offline receipient when withdraw TOMATO in Korea
■ Please try to compare fee with bank service! About 90% of fee can be saved

tongtong and Transfer is supported by?

■ Tomato Group is consisted with Etomato, Tomato TV, News Tomato and etc. 12 companies which is an enterprise authorized
■ The representative stock App service called ‘Stock Master’ in Korea is supported now (5 milllion downloads in Korea)
■ We issue TOMATO with technology of 30 years’ company knowhow and stock trading security and etc.

Using Inquiry

– Tel: +82 2.2128.3883
– E-mail inquiry and suggestion : support@etomato.com
– Customer Service: Please use real-time counsel in Setting after installing tongtong

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/vOct1a