Alarmin – Simple application to control Paradox alarms fitted with an IP150 module


Simple application to control Paradox alarms fitted with an IP150 module

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Allows access to Paradox alarm panels through an IP150 module.

Main Features:
* Push notifications for arm, disarm, alarms, troubles, on-board IOs and blocked web access. Install this app on each phone you want notifications on, up to 16.
* Control and view alarm states (Arm, Disarm, Sleep, Stay)
* Instant Controls – without needing to first connect to the alarm
* PGM control (alarm panel outputs)
* Bypassing of zones
* Supports multiple partitions
* Discover alarms automatically when on WiFi
* Add unlimited amount of alarms
* Supports both secure and unsecured connections (http or https)
* Supports IP addresses, host names (such as a dynamic DNS provider) and
* Control the IP module’s on-board outputs
* View and filter by zone states (Open, Closed, Bypassed, Trouble, In Alarm, Alarm in Memory)
* View event log
* View trouble messages
* Built-in pin authentication
* Automatically adjusts polling rate for high latency, low throughput connections (e.g. GPRS)

Note: Push notifications require a back-end server. I hope to support this feature going forward, however this largely depends on my server’s capability. Please backup your email settings before activating. You can use either your own SMTP server (if you also want to send emails from the IP module) or choose to override this with the Alarmin SMTP server which will also disable/override existing emails.

Not tested:
* Support for IP100
* Although not fully supported through the app, IP100 users can also use push messages. To enable this, connect to your alarm through the app and take note of your unique email ID listed above the ‘save’ button. Now manually add this address to your IP module (through the web interface) & select the type of alerts you want. Don’t forget to click the save button in the app’s push menu (at the bottom) to register your push account.

Unsupported features
Due to the development framework I am using, widgets and integration to other systems/apps (like Tasker and home automation hubs) aren’t possible. I understand the value thereof, being into automation myself, but it’s simply not possible at the moment.

Having issues or want to help with translations?
Preferably head over to and log an issue, or use the “email logs” function within the app. When emailing the logs, include a description of your issue – otherwise I don’t know what to look for!
* Known issue with some Samsung devices – Please change your Text-To-Speach engine from Samsung’s to Google’s TTS engine and see if this resolves the issue (Android – Settings – Language and Input).

Configuration notes:
In most cases, to use this app outside of your home network you need to register with a dynamic DNS provider and setup port forwarding on your router. If this sounds foreign to you, Google is your friend… 🙂

All trademarks, product names and logos used are the property of their respective owners.
This app was created with the Ionic Framework & AngularJS

See more information and download apk file:


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