tongtong – Security Messenger – tongtong – Посланник с совершенной безопасности

tongtong - Security Messenger

tongtong – Посланник с совершенной безопасности

tongtong - Security Messenger screenshot 0tongtong - Security Messenger screenshot 1tongtong - Security Messenger screenshot 2tongtong - Security Messenger screenshot 3

Reasons for using tongtong

■ Messenger service that not save message on server
■ 1:1 chat & group chat, auto-delete message, image delivery, location sharing, Transfer
■ tongtong is a telegram method between device and device, server roles only as mediating.
■ Make chat true with security by method of encription.(It’s impossible to decode as Unlawful Surveillance)

Reasons for using Transfer

■ You can transfer with TOMATO anywhere over the world
■ You can send TOMATO to Korea, America, China, Russia, Vietnam and etc.
■ You can purchase, send and withdraw TOMATO by real-time
■ No Bank account to set? You can apply offline receipient when withdraw TOMATO in Korea
■ Please try to compare fee with bank service! About 90% of fee can be saved

tongtong and Transfer is supported by?

■ Tomato Group is consisted with Etomato, Tomato TV, News Tomato and etc. 12 companies which is an enterprise authorized
■ The representative stock App service called ‘Stock Master’ in Korea is supported now (5 milllion downloads in Korea)
■ We issue TOMATO with technology of 30 years’ company knowhow and stock trading security and etc.

Using Inquiry

– Tel: +82 2.2128.3883
– E-mail inquiry and suggestion :
– Customer Service: Please use real-time counsel in Setting after installing tongtong

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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